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AreYouInterested is a free platform to help you validate, come up with, purchase, and discuss business ideas.


Validation Pages

AreYouInterested landing pages allow you to create micro-sites to validate your ideas in minutes. Create highly-customized validation pages that ask your customer "Are you interested?" with an easy yes/no survey. Collect the results in your dashboard and collect emails from your most excited customers.

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Brand Marketplace

Don’t want to come up with an idea and brand on your own? Our brand marketplace allows you to buy a domain, logo, and full business plan vetted by our team. This is perfect if you know how to execute but don’t feel like you’re very creative.

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Idea Generator

AreYouInterested has developed the NAP Ideation Process. The Idea Generator is a simple tool that guides you through this process, and helps you to come up with ideas specifically tailored to your interests and talents. You can also view all of the ideas thought up by our community to get some inspiration.

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AreYouInterested Blog

In our blog, we talk about everything from coming up with a business idea to validating, testing product-market fit, and more. We also occasionally develop frameworks to help you be more productive in your business.

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