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Elizabeth the beautiful little sister's toys



Apr 12, 2022

 Long ago when my brother and sister and I was still eleven in half months old, we had a little boy called Paul Ramsey who used to like making things wood at Christmas time. He made trays and boxes and things with holes in to hang on the wall for pipes and when he had made them he gave them away as presents, Paul made me a chair for my teddy-bear and a nice little book case for my big sister Caitlin. Then Paul thought he would like to make something for me, that wasn't easy at all and because I was nearly a toddler little child now. I still went out in a pram sometime, I could walk a bit. But when I was in a great hurry I liked crawling better, I  liked my pram very much. I was very pleased when my mother took me out in it, I learned to say pram pram pram. When I saw it and ride ride ride to show that I wanted to go out, Paul was sorry to think I liked crawling than walking well now. He said I know I will make her a little wooden-horse- on-wheels so I can push herself along with it and that is just what he did, he made a strong little wooden horse with a long wavy tail and a smily-tooth face that he painted himself. Then he put strong red wheels on it and a strong red handle, it was a lovely lovely pushing-horse. My big sister Caitlin said oh isn't it lovely? and she pushed it up and down to show me and she said look Elizabeth gee gee, I laughed I was very glad to have the wooden horse. I stood on my fat little legs and I got hold of the strong red handle and I pushed too on Christmas Eve and when the horse ran away on his red wheels, I walked after him holding on to the red handle and I walked and walked clever boy Paul. My mother said That's a horse Elizabeth say thank you Paul for the nice horse and she lifted me up so that I could give him a nice thank you hug, because of course that was the way that I thanked people in those days. Then my mother said horse horse horse, so that I could learn the new word and I patted the  wooden horse when I said it. But I didn't say horse at all, I patted the wooden horse too. But I said pram pram pram and I picked up my tiny Teddy-bear and I laid him on the pushing horse's back and I picked up my doll's cot blanket and covered teeddy up with it and I pushed the horse up and down and sid pram, when Paul came to see us again on Christmas Day and he was surprised to find me had made 


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The story was very beautiful, the world was very beautiful. The world was very beautiful, the world was very beautiful. T

The eighteenth story was coming on very nicely

The shadow was lovely

The story was a very beautiful story and I love it too.

the magic was very powerful

The book was made too

I used to love toys when I was younger 

The horse pram was ver nice