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No-Setup Teamviewer Alternative for SaaS



Apr 27, 2021

Hey there. I'm working on releasing an screen sharing solution aimed at SaaS companies.


• See which page your customer is at, time on page.
• You can start the call if you feel the customer is stuck.
• Co-Browse and directly click on the customer's screen.
• Talk with the customer during the whole time. 

Thank you for your feedback!


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I love this idea! A lot of times when you launch a product and are staring at the analytics you know that a customer is stuck somewhere, but all you can really do is hope that they make it through. More often than not, they just end up leaving.


One thing I'd be careful about -- and I'm not sure you mean it this way -- but it sounds like you're suggesting a solution where the site owner can just take over and click for a user without their input. I'd make sure to emphasize that this is a voluntary solution, where if the user is stuck they can accept the call and then you can guide them.


As far as other opportunities go, I think this would be great as a part of a larger customer support software. For instance, if I start a chat on your site, and then request help, you could then pop out with this software where you can video chat with me and help guide me through the steps on my own machine.


Overall, I love the idea! Let me know if you ever release it and I'd be happy to give it a look.