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Apr 27, 2021

I just wanted to personally welcome you to AreYouInterested discussions. Our vision of this area of the site is for it to be a place to discuss everything related to business ideas. Whether that is getting initial opinions on your ideas, brainstorming threats, or getting advice on implementation, we hope that you'll discuss it here. 


There aren't really any hard rules other than be courteous and don't do anything illegal. We expect that people will use this to promote their business, which is fine! That's why we're here. Posts will have to pass certain editorial standards to make sure that it isn't being flooded by spam. As long as you are asking for specific feedback, your product isn't total garbage or a scam, or you provide some value yourself, you'll be fine!


Accounts are free, and with your account you also get full access to all of our free tools! Enjoy, and if you have any questions you can comment here or email me at


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